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Closing out Black-History Month with an Observation of Veguary

Article by Mya Green (she, her)

As we conclude Black History Month, we're highlighting the 28-day vegan challenge by Afro-Vegan Society, launched intentionally during Black History month. For context, the Afro-Vegan Society identifies as “a national nonprofit organization with a mission to provide resources and support to help people in marginalized communities transition to vegan living” and exists to provide a safe space for community building and resources for vegans and vegan-curious folx within the African diaspora community! To learn more about Afro-Vegan Society, please link here.

Veguary, which can be observed on their website, Instagram or hashtag, is the 28-day pledge campaign to encourage people to go vegan and to highlight Black vegans. The Afro-Vegan Society frames Veguary through the lens that acknowledges, “Plant-based traditions have been prominent in cultures throughout the African Diaspora for centuries. In the US, civil rights leaders made some of the earliest and most concise assessments of the connections between our society's systemic racial violence, and the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry…” They acknowledge that “, African American's are the fastest growing population of new vegans.” It’s important to recognize the deeply-rooted cultural significance around food politics within the African-American community. So here’s to celebrating and lifting up this movement and all those who participated!

The Veguary challenge provided participants with recipes, online cooking demos, virtual education sessions, panels, Q&A, prizes, wellness sessions and more! It really allowed folx to participate and feel supported each of the 28 days.

If you missed out on the challenge this year or are interested in the recipes cooking demos and speakers presented, click here to be taken to the Veguary Resources Page!

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